Current President: Charles O'Mahony, National University of Ireland Galway

1979-1980 RV Heuston, Trinity College Dublin 
1980-1981 James Brady, University College Dublin
1981-1982 Desmond Greer, Queen's University Belfast
1982-1983 Henry Ellis, NIHE Limerick 
1983-1984 James Casey, University College Dublin 
1984-1985 WR Duncan, Trinity College Dublin
1985-1986 Kevin Boyle, National University of Ireland, Galway
1986-1987 Frank Watters, Dundalk Institute of Technology
1987-1988 Judith Eve, Queen's University Belfast 
1988-1989 Sean O’Connor 
1989-1990 Finbarr McAuley, University College Dublin
1990-1991 Tom O’Malley, National University of Ireland, Galway 
1991-1992 Brian Collins, University of Ulster
1992-1993 Raymond Byrne, Dublin City University 
1993-1994 Paul McCutcheon, University of Limerick 
1994-1996 Dermot Walsh, University of Ulster 
1996-1997 Deirdre Madden, University College Cork
1997-1998 Tom O’Malley, National University of Ireland, Galway & Eoin O’Dell, Trinity College Dublin  
1998-1999 Eoin O’Dell, Trinity College Dublin
1999-2000 Bruce Carolan, Dublin Institute of Technology
2000-2001 Ubaldus de Vries, Dublin City University 
2001-2002 John Stannard, Queen's University Belfast
2002-2003 TP Kennedy, Law Society of Ireland
2003-2004 Fergus Ryan, Dublin Institute of Technology
2004-2005 Sean Quinn, Letterkenny Institute of Technology
2005-2006 Sean Quinn, Letterkenny Institute of Technology 
2009-2010 Jennifer Schweppe, University of Limerick
2010-2011 Michael Doherty, Dublin City University
2011-2012 Deirdre Ahern, Trinity College Dublin
2012-2013 Noel McGrath, University College Dublin
2013-2014 Fergus Ryan, Maynooth University

2014-2016 Charles O'Mahony, Nationali University of Ireland, Galway



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